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Investigate the wild nature in the role of an animal! Become any creature you like – a wolf, fox, bobcat, and more! This game allows you to become a part of the forest and show that you are the most superior creature at this area. You will hunt, look for food, fight with other animals, create yourself a shelter, and do everything wild animals usually do. The best part – you will find a beloved creature of your specie and make a family! Get cubs, teach them how to hunt, and enjoy incredible adventures on the wildest nature ever! You will have to encounter numerous difficulties, become stronger, and defend yourself and your family from any threats of the forest. The game features almost endless open world made in three-dimensional style, so all the adventures feel pretty realistic.

Similiar games

Start the adventure as one of the presented animals and become the leader. You can play this game solo or with your friends – the online version allows you to act as a team and create large and strong families. Together, you will be much stronger – nobody will get too close to your territory and harm your cubs! Unite and fight with the enemies – they won’t have any chances. When you expand your Wildfraft family, the new types of animals become available to you, which means that the further you move, the more playing options you get. That’s amazing! From the very beginning, you will choose whether a fox, wolf, or a bobcat, but later, you will open more creatures. Each has its own characteristics and special skills. Some are extremely fast and quiet, while the others are bigger, but stronger. When playing for a specific animal, mind its traits and behave accordingly. The adventure of every animal will be different from all the rest due to their diverse properties and skills.
You can regulate the skills of each animal you choose to play. They are pretty customizable, so you can adjust the appearance as well as the main abilities. Choose the name for your character, pick the gender, and change the color of his/her fur, eyes, etc. You can make your character small or large, furry or not so much, etc. Pick the characteristics yourself! As for the cubs, you will grow them and make your family line continue. What is more, you can leave your current family at any moment and make a new one – let your cubs spread all over the forest! The world of the game is full of various and unique territories to explore. You can travel as far as you want to, just make sure that you survive – there are dangerous spots out there and some are not very rich for food.

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