Wildcraft Simulator

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Wildcraft is an unusual multiplayer game for your Android device. This title has already conquered the Internet due to its advanced gameplay, numerous cool feature, playable animals, and extremely large open worlds. Have you ever wanted to find yourself as a wild animal that leaves far from the cities and villages with their noises and modern technologies? How about living a pure life among trees and grasses, where the rules and objectives are so simple and clear? Animals never have problems with their lives – they have instincts and follow them. Every day is the same as the previous one – you wake up, hunt, eat, fight for territories, and enjoy adventures on the wild. Do you want to live a couple of such bounty days of a simple existence? Then you are the right place. Enjoy Wildcraft, the super-cool simulator of animal life.
Animals have freedom of action, which means that everything is possible in the game. Choose the creature you would like to control. Is it a bear, fox, or a wolf? Or maybe you would like to try yourself as a rabbit or squirrel? Each of them has their own type of life and you will have fun playing for every creature. The locations here are really huge and the opportunities are vast. For example, not only you can live a life of a loner, but join a herd. Call your friends and become comrades in the endless game of survival. You will defend your cubs and territories as a team, improve your skills, and share with each other.
By the way, talking about the cubs. Your incredible family story cannot stop, so make sure to have a couple of kids. Watch them growing and learn these little ones to survive in the conditions of the wild. Help them to become as strong as you are and they will be your companions in battles and hunts. Become a real leader of a pack and conquer new areas. The graphics are well-done and the playing regimes are extremely diverse and interesting. You should try them all and find the best style that suits your preferences. Feel the freedom and abundant of life – the animal world is free from social troubles, interactions, and complications. The stronger one always survives and there are no exclusions. Animals are free to go wherever they want and do whatever they like! Become one today and enjoy a new way of existence.

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