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We know that you are waiting for the new part of an incredible wild life simulator impatiently. However, there is something we have to offer! To make your waiting brighter and more interesting, check this cool collection of incredible mods. Here you will find everything you have ever wanted to see in the original version of the game and even more! Ready to check out the new Wildcraft experience? Then here you go! Enjoy the mods for free and have fun being a creature covered with fur today.
So, first of all, you are welcome to try looking for amazing animal adventures on the bran new locations. The mods allow you to check out deserts, forests, jungles, savannas, and other places. As you can understand, each location shapes your playing style in a very particular manner. The weather and the temperature of the air are different at every place you choose. What is more, animals you can hunt and eat are also original for every location. The mods go on and you are welcome to check those that feature new playable characters. For example, not only you will find yourself in the skin of a standard fox or wolf, but also a lion or cheetah. The small animals like rabbits are also available. The mods allow you to gain new skills, try different areas, and change the way you are accustomed to play. Maybe, they are not the brand new parts of the series, but still they are great for everyone who want to refresh the favorite titles and have some fun. As always, you will travel around the lands, make families, grow cubs, create packs with your comrades, search for food, and meet the rivals. The tasks stay pretty much the same, while the mods change the crucial details that really matter – you will see that right after launching one. They are all impressive, interesting, and unique! And the main thing – all the mods provided on our website are absolutely free to use. Have fun and enrich your Wildcraft experience right now!

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