Wildcraft for PC

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The famous mobile simulator of animal life is now available for your computer! Are you ready to play your most favorite and the wildest game ever on the large screen? Well, here you go then. The PC version is at your service and you are most welcome to try it right now. Launch from your laptop or computer right now, using the browser window – there is no need to download it! The online version is available at this page for free, so enjoy it whenever you feel that the noisy and grey city makes you sick and tired. Immerse yourself into the incredible worlds of forests, mountains, and deserts.
Just like in the mobile version you already know, this one allows you to become an animal and live the wild life on the nature. Perfect for your weekend – we don’t know a better source of relaxation and fun than this game. Now, when it is available for the large screen, you are welcome to enjoy the detailed three-dimensional world, so large and fantastic, at its best. Run around different locations – the maps here are neve-rending. Find some food, other creatures to make a herd with, and of course – the beloved one to create a family and have some kids. In the large-screen version, everything is even more thrilling and great. You are welcome to see the habitual places that become more detailed and large! As always, you will make your living trying to catch the prey if you are a predator and find something green to chew if you are herbivore. In both cases, avoid creatures stronger than you and defend the dwelling along with the kids. The game encourages you to travel around different places, where you will find more opportunities for development and learning some new skills. Be wild! Have fun!

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