Wildcraft 2020

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Fresh and hot, amazing game Wildcraft of 2020 is here for you. Are you ready to start your wild adventure? Then jump in. You will become a furry animal that is not just cute-looking, but also dangerous! Roar! Choose the one you like the most and start living a wild life. Is it a fox you have always dreamt to become? A large and strong bear? A loner of the forest, grey wolf? There are more animals to try! Bobcats, lions, cheetahs, and even mountain goats are at your disposal. Want to make your survival even more challenging? Then how about playing for someone as small and defenseless as a bunny or a squirrel? When playing for each animal, you will have to develop diverse skills and learn new abilities. Have fun!

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So, in the version of 2020, you will get more developmental options no matter which animal you prefer to play for. Your way to the height and chances to become a king of the forest (or jungle, depending on the creature you choose) are still high, but passing that uneasy way is a real adventure. The open world of the game is more rich now – the graphics are improved and therefore – the locations are more detailed. The game developers did their best to make the game look more realistic. While you had to deal with some square stones and a bit blocky animals before, now the graphics are smoother. And the best news – challenging gameplay is now much easier, so you will never fail the task now, since controlling your creature is simple now.
Becoming one of the wild animals, you enter the tough environment where all the others can become your friends or rivals. You can make a family with a creature of an opposite gender and have a pack of cute cubs. When they are still small, make sure to take care of them and help them grow strong and healthy. Teach them everything you know yourself and one day they will stand with you in one line. The time for fights and hunting comes, so your cubs will be your companions. Also, your buddies can join the server and enjoy the multiplayer version – build a herd of animals and dominate the forest!

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