Wildcraft 2

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The time has come – the second part of Wildcraft is all yours now! We have already uploaded this absolutely exclusive and unique title on this site, so you are welcome to start playing right now. Have fun feeling yourself like a real inhabitant of the wild-wild nature, be it a dark wood, desert, savanna, or any other location. The second part of the game has even more opportunities regarding locations to visit and interact with. As a wolf, bear, squirrel, or fox, you will enter the woods where the tall trees and thick bushes will hide you from the eyes of other predators and, of course, you potential victims. As a lion, you will start an adventure in a hot savanna, where food and water are more challenging to find. There are other animals and playing for them, you will find yourself in the relevant area – the one that is natural and habitual for a certain creature. This means that the more animals you try out, the richer gaming experience you get. Sounds awesome!
As in the previous part, you are going to do some actions to survive, expand your territory, make a large family, and establish your superiority around the area. The idea is to keep your animal healthy and strong, which means that you need to eat enough, nourish it with various found food, hunt, and keep it safe. Later, you will meet other animals – the game allows you to unite in bands. The best idea here is to call your friends and play together as a team. Doing so, you will ensure that everything is under your control and defending your family and namely – the cubs – will be easier and more efficient. The game allows you to create more than one family, since you are free to wander around the map anywhere you want. You can leave your current pack and your “wife” to find another one and therefore – make more cubs. The cubs need your attention and care. They are too small to hunt on their own, so it is not easy for them to survive without your help. Teach them some tricks and they will learn to be real predators, gatherers, and travelers. When they become large and strong enough, you will take them to the hunt and they will help you get the prey. The more cubs you have – the better! See them growing and becoming as mighty as you, their dad (or mom).

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