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One of the most amazing games that allow you to become someone else surely is Wildcraft. Yes, here you can become an animal and live the free life on the wild natural landscapes. You are welcome to choose the one you like the most and start your head-spinning adventure in the incredible 3D environment. And here comes the great news – in the updated version of the simulator, you have more playable creatures than ever! And the star of this part is a cheetah – fast, willowy, and extremely dangerous. Are you ready to become a large cat with incredibly strong legs, mighty teeth, and deadly claws? Then this update will surely gladden you.
Choosing a cheetah as your character, you find yourself in the hot savanna. The sun is so high in the sky and the temperature of the air is truly melting. However, you are a wild cat, so every day of your life is a fight for survival. Search for food and hunt the antelopes – they will become a perfect dinner for you. Walk around the locations and search for adventures. Meet the rivals – animals from other prides, different species, etc. They are here defending their territories or simply walking around like you. Some of them will attack, so get ready to treat them with your sharp claws. Play alone or unite with other players – together, you will become a truly fearless team of furry dominators. Whether you play alone of with friends, the game allows you to create families, expand them, and have up to 8 cubs from one female. Also, you can find more cheetah-ladies to give you more pretty daughters and sons! Let the entire savanna be covered with your kids and become a real king here. Who said that only lions can be the kings of the jungle? The time has come to show your superiority and become the mightiest creature out here. Develop your skills, upgrade your character, and make your territories and skills grow larger and better. Enjoy being cheetah and check other animals to play! Have fun and good hunting to you!

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