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Looking for something truly unique and engaging among simulator games? You are at the right place! This is Wildcraft, the fantastic simulator you cannot miss. In this impressive game, you will get a truly realistic experience of the animal that lives among the wild nature. Whether you want to feel yourself as a predator like wolf or lion, or someone less dangerous, but no less tricky like a small chiseler, don’t miss even a second and jump into this game. What is more, we have the last version here! And if you are not familiar with the previous ones, we recommend you to try them all out as well. You will easily find them in the same section of our site. All the games are available online and free to enjoy.
The newest game devoted to real wild nature experience is something really special. Here you will become an animal that wakes up every day, searches for food, fights for territories, and expand its abilities. Whatever creature you choose as your character, you can change its appearance the way you want – choose the color of the eyes, fur, and other elements. The gender can be picked to your liking! Enter the game as a cute but mighty creature able to become the real master of the forest! The new version includes so many new features and add-ons. Not only you will have a wider collection of playable creatures to choose from, but also the number of available locations on the map will grow significantly. You are welcome to travel around them and discover new places all around, getting some food and finding a more comfortable place for you and your family with cute cubs! Arrange a perfect animal existence, improve your skills, develop your character, and have fun whatever destiny you choose! Enjoy the forest life and have a nice hunting today.

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