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The time has come to be a master of animals in Wildcraft! Yes, there is one amazing thing you can do, especially if you are too lazy to develop your character days and days along. You are welcome to try these cool cheats and gain more power, strength, and skills. The cheat-pack was designed to help you improve your playing experience and get the most of the game without applying to much effort and spending too much time at the screen. So, here you go, the cheats that will make you the most amazing and mighty creature in the world of the game. Whatever type of animal you choose and whichever location you enter, the chances to win the territories and get all the female creatures will become higher when you have got a nice collection of cool hacks. They will never let you down!

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On this page, you will get free cheats that can be applied to your game with one click. Just enter the settings, find the command line, and insert the code right there. When you are done, the cheats will be confirmed and your playing experience will change to better! There is nothing wrong with cheating, we guess. This is your chance to play the game in a so-called “god-like” regime, which means that you simply stand on the point of the developers and see what they have to offer. Maybe, playing without cheats, you would never reach that level of skill. That’s something that happens to most players – they abandon the games before getting the most of them. Well, first of all, the similar gameplay is not always interesting for a pretty long period of time necessary for development. And second, the universe of digital entertainments is so rich and vast that another game can capture your attention. That is why, you need to get the most of this one and cheats will help you do that before you get bored! So set them up and enjoy an ultimate Wildcraft experience that has never been that bright.
The game encourages you to outlive the life of an animal that lives in the conditions of the wild nature. The life of an animal is not as easy as it may seem. On the one hand, their world is relatively simple – you see the prey, you hunt and eat it. The weak ones become the victims of the strong ones and this is how the wild law of nature works. When you see the rival, you fight him. When you meet the creature of the opposite gender, you make a family. Grow cubs, develop your skills, defend them from the enemies. Sounds simple! However, on the other hand, you have to take care of your everyday needs on the regular basis and that is not always easy. Not each territory is rich for food, water, and suitable for safe and calm life. Get ready for numerous challenges, travelling, battles, hunting, and surviving!

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