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How does it feel to be a fox? A wolf? Or even a tiny squirrel hopping from one branch to another? If you are willing to find out, then jump in this cool game and have fun! This is the best animal life simulator ever, Wildcraft! Experience the life of numerous creatures in the woods, deserts, savannas, and mountains.

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Are you ready for something really special? This game will bring you a truly incredible experience that is not similar to any other. This is a truly amazing animal simulator created by people who really adore them. If you have been excited to watch the shows about the wild nature as a kid and Discover as well as Animal Planet were your most favorite channels ever, then this game will come to your liking. All animal admirers will find this the best experience ever, since now you will find yourself inside of that TV show, not just watch it! Yes, today you will become a real wild creature that has so many things to do – hunting, running around, improving skills, creating a herd, finding a creature of the opposite gender to make a family, etc. By the way, you can create a large family and have numerous cubs here! Read on to learn more.
The opportunity to have cubs and teach them while they grow is one of the best features Wildcraft can boast of numerous cool opportunities here. You are welcome to develop your character along with the kids and bring them to the wild life. Make a herd out of them and hunt together. Or else, the game has a multiplayer format, so you and your friends can join it together, create a real furry band, and have fun! When you play as one large team of predators, you become a real hurricane of the forest – there is nobody who can hurt you! Together, defending your shelter, territory, and kids is easier. What is more, you can help each other to hunt and get some food. Whether you prefer playing alone or in a company, we bet that you will enjoy both experiences in Wildcraft.
The game is also famous for having a great range of customization opportunities. Before you start, you are welcome to choose any animal from the list. However, you can also change the way it looks – the colors, sizes, and skills. In addition to that, you should aware that the game has a lot of surprises for you. When you just start playing, there is a limited collection of creatures to choose from. However, when you move further in the game, the collections grows bigger and you are welcome to try some new animals! Be ready that each of them is original, has its own habitual living place, skills, and needs. Have fun and try as many diverse creatures as you can – each time you pick someone new, the game gets an absolutely new shape. In this section, you will find an original version of this game as well as numerous additional ones. We have the latest versions as well, including the second chapter and the newest one that have been launched this year. You will also find some super mods, cheats, and cool hacks to make your playing experience even more unusual, diverse, and absolutely thrilling. Have fun in the never-ending world of incredible wild adventures!

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